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Merry Christmas

Saturday (24/12/05), 6:01 pm. 6 comments.

Merry Christmas, and a happy Festivus to the rest of us.

…or something like that. šŸ˜‰

Anyways, what’re all you geeks doing this Christmas?

What’s Your Factor?

Tuesday (20/12/05), 9:53 pm. 3 comments.

What’s Your Factor? is holding a design contest…

Proper SEO != Outsmarting the Search Engine

Monday (19/12/05), 9:09 pm. 5 comments.

Another article of mine has been published on Design Studio Mag, make sure to check it out:

Proper SEO != Outsmarting the Search Engine

I have a hypothetical situation for you.

Friday (16/12/05), 2:21 pm. 9 comments.

I have a hypothetical situation, and I need some help in determining the outcome. That’s where you come in.

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24 Hour Church of Elvis

Saturday (10/12/05), 9:19 pm. 2 comments.

I was just browsing around Flickr and came across the 24 Hour Church of Elvis. I just had to share.

Yahoo! Buys Del.ici.ous

Friday (9/12/05), 3:06 pm. 1 comment.

Yahoo! Buys Del.ici.ous First Konfabulator, then Flickr, and now Del.ici.ous…Is this good or bad?

Alpha Testing Measure Map: A Blogger’s Stats

Tuesday (6/12/05), 7:38 pm. 14 comments.

For the past week or so I’ve been alpha testing a stats program that you’ve likely heard of, Adaptive Path’s Measure Map. So after testing it out a while, I’ve decided to give you all a basic rundown of this thing.

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FireFox 1.5 Released

Tuesday (29/11/05), 11:25 pm. 1 comment.

FireFox 1.5 has been released. And frankly, I’m not impressed and miss my extentions.

Thinking about a realign

Tuesday (29/11/05), 1:44 pm. 20 comments.

I’ve been thinking about doing a realign here at, and I’m now taking requests.

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10 rules for web startups

Monday (28/11/05), 1:58 pm. No comments.

Good, good tips.

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