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I’m In.

Monday (26/9/05), 4:11 pm. 13 comments.

A while back I had entered my email address at saying that I’d like an invite. Never really thought about it after that, until today when I got an email saying that I’d been selected as part of one of the “small groups” being invited.

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I’ve been published

Thursday (22/9/05), 10:30 pm. 9 comments.

Design Studio Mag has just published my first article for them, ” The Fabulous Life of Search Engines.”

Go check it out, sign up for DSmag (if you haven’t already), let me know what you think of the article, and be looking for my next article to appear (a reivew of Mint).

What’s up with Flickr?

Tuesday (20/9/05), 12:32 pm. No comments.

Update: Looks like they fixed it…

The photos in my Flickr badge aren’t mine, and lead to nowhere. I saw on somebody else’s site that their flickr badge had the exact same photos in it…

Anybody know what’s up?

Pepper Gallery — Freshness for your Mint

Saturday (17/9/05), 1:13 pm. 14 comments.

With the growing amount of Pepper for Shaun Inman’s Mint, I’ve decided there really needs to be a Pepper Gallery. There’s been a thread about the idea over on the Mint Forum, incase you’re interested.

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I Got Framed — if you’re using the PHP mail() function, add some security to that thing

Tuesday (13/9/05), 4:29 pm. 32 comments.

I didn’t do it.

Really, I didn’t–I was framed. And you could be too if you’re using the PHP mail() function to handle your contact form without taking any extra security measures.

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Twilight Burst er, Open Source

Monday (12/9/05), 8:33 pm. No comments.

For months I’ve been trying to convince this guy to start a (WordPress) blog, and it looks like he’s finally given in. He claims he’s got a new design coming, but I haven’t been able to persuade him to let me see it.

If you like reading my stuff and/or are a geek, check out his site, you’ll enjoy it.

You may now Have A Mint.

Monday (5/9/05), 6:41 pm. 4 comments.

There’s been much hype surrounding Shaun Inman’s new product this past week as sneak peaks and news of it’s near release have come out. Well, the new stats program Mint 1.0 has finally been released.

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Making a Good Impression with a Potential/New Client, Employer, or Anybody Else For That Matter

Monday (5/9/05), 12:18 pm. 6 comments.

In my freelancing adventures I’ve come across quite a few DOs and quite a few DON’Ts when it comes to communication. I’ve decided to compile them into an article for the benefit of all who may come across it, and I only hope all those tacky emails I receive will start turning into more professional ones.

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Hurricane Katrina “I’m OK” Registry

Saturday (3/9/05), 1:53 pm. 4 comments.

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina an I’m OK Registry has been constructed online so people can find out if somebody who was in the hurricane area is OK.

If you know anybody down there who is OK you can register them on the site so that other people can find out. I don’t know how many people are currently registered there or anything like that….

EDIT: I just found another great Katrina-related site: Displaced Designer, “A resource for those in the creative industry recently displaced by the on-going situation in New Orleans and the surrounding region”

Design Studio Mag Launched Today

Thursday (1/9/05), 3:18 pm. 6 comments.

A band-new design and develpment magazine, Design Studio Mag, just launched today with its first official article. A new article will be released every few days.

There should be a lot of great stuff on there (including my own SEO column), so this is definately something you’re not going to want to miss out on. There will also be a monthly giveaway available to members only (more info on this month’s to come), so make sure to sign up. 😉

Articles will be on a wide veriety of design/development related topics including:

  • ASP
  • Basics Corner
  • Web Applications
  • CSS
  • Software Review
  • Graphics 3D
  • PHP
  • SEO General
  • SEO Ask-the-expert