My Macbook arrived this morning, and I’ve been spending most of the day moving my data over and finding new software.


I’ve got my FireFox bookmarks moved over along with my emails and settings; Adium and Quicksilver have both been in installed, along with the necessary iAlertU and MacSaber.

The Textmate trial has also been installed, but as a previous Notepad++ user I have yet to really get a gasp on it. Any tips would be appreciated.

I have not yet bought Microsoft Office or iWork, so any tips on perhaps some open source or free alternatives would also be appreciated. The Adobe CS3 Design Standard suite should be on its way.

Basically, I don’t have much of a clue yet, so to any Mac users out there: Please send my way any tips/good software (free is even better)/whatever, and I’ll try to put them to good use.