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Tuesday (23/9/08), 12:44 pm. 3 comments.

Introducing the Lifestream

Sunday (14/9/08), 11:44 pm. 1 comment.

A lot of what I was/am trying to accomplish with the Tumbl3 redesign is a certain amount of centralization and connectivity between the various fragments of my online presence. So far I’ve greatly simplified the design to allow for various content types, built and integrated TweetRemote, and have now added a lifestream that runs off FriendFeed.

Besides being an excellent tool for all the stalkers out there, I’m hoping it will prove to be an easy way to share all the cool stuff I find and possibly do around the interwebs. It does not get sent through the RSS feed for this site, so you don’t have to be worried about being overloaded with information. However, if you do want to keep a more watchful eye on it you can subscribe to me on FriendFeed or keep a watch on this feed (or just randomly check the page–some things are just more fun the old-fashioned way).

The code is very easy to set up for any account (really only requires changing one variable), so it may also get a public release in the near future.

What other ways have you seen or used for controlling the fragmentation of online presences due to the social web? Do lifestreams interest you?

Wednesday (10/9/08), 12:48 pm. 2 comments.

Thoughts & Criticisms on Browsers of Past and Present: Drop IE6?

Thursday (4/9/08), 1:12 pm. 6 comments.

In case you haven’t been paying attention, lately there’s been a lot of talk about abandoning IE6.

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Wednesday (3/9/08), 12:40 pm. No comments.