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The Redesign: The Design Process

Wednesday (25/3/09), 12:43 pm. 16 comments.

It all started with a Moleskine.

I’m a big fan of brainstorming, so naturally I got to thinking. I wrote down what I wanted to communicate, what elements and pages I needed to have, etc.

Next came the grid. I decided to give a try, first starting off with the 12-column grid. After a couple hours of playing around, I ended up switching over to the 16-column and came up with this first design:

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Redesign Launched

Monday (23/3/09), 4:58 pm. 5 comments.

If you’re viewing this via your favorite web browser, you’ve probably noticed that things look very different than last time. If you’re reading this from your favorite RSS reader, come on over and check things out.

I’ll be providing many more posts in the near future with all sorts of things learned from this redesign (subscribe to the feed if you haven’t already to keep up with those), but I just wanted to do a quick overview post to quickly point out a few things.

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PNGs in IE6: You get what you’ve got.

Monday (16/3/09), 5:41 pm. 23 comments.

With the redesign on its way and actually in the browser testing stage now, I’ve had the fortune to spend a few quality hours debugging IE as of late. Generally I don’t have too many un-fixable issues with the browser and any PNG issues can be easily solved with a filter or some JavaScript, but today’s pushed me over the edge.

Why it’s usually no biggie.

As I’m sure you are aware, IE 6 doesn’t fully support transparent PNGs and generally display them with ugly gray backgrounds. Generally this can be solved by using a filter that IE does support as follows:

filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader(src="theimage.png", sizingMethod="crop");

There’s also a brilliant solution that avoids the filter and can be used through the DD_belatedPNG script.

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