While I’ve been freelancing on the side for the past couple years, it often took a backseat. Freelancing was certainly more fun and more profitable when I had work, but I simply did not have the time to put enough emphasis on landing new projects. However, I often wondered if I’d be able to pull off the whole freelancing thing if I quit the day job.

I decided now is the time to find out. At the end of last month I clocked out of the day job for the last time, and while it won’t be completely freelance (more on that later), it should be a ton of fun.



I plan on doing a lot more freelance work, and next month I’ll be putting a lot of focus on WordPress theming. I may release a few themes and will definitely be available custom theme work (so if you have a project in mind, by all means, drop me a line).

This blog and WorthWorkingFor should also be getting a lot more attention, and perhaps I’ll release one or two of the side projects I’ve had sitting around for a while.



As excited as I am to get more into the freelance game, what really made me take the jump is DuroCast. Bryce Clemmer and Matt Polzin have taken me on-board as a fellow co-founder for an awesome new startup that promises to bring some innovative stuff to online radio.

As we’re still in the product development stage I can’t say too much, but you can follow @DuroCast on Twitter if you want to keep up-to-date with what we’ve got going. Should be a fun ride.