I am well aware that it has been quite a while since I’ve last written anything here. I’ve basically been a slacker in that regard—but luckily, I have something to show for it.

Where have I been?

Since quitting my job back in May, I’ve been working alongside Bryce Clemmer and Matt Polzin to bring DuroCast to the web.

I have been working with this team as Co-founder and Creative Director, and it’s been a blast. This is definitely one of the most involved interfaces I have worked on, and it’s been an interesting experience getting a startup company up and running.

What now?

Six months later, we’ve sent out the first round of beta invites and couldn’t be more excited.

It’s come a long way and has an even longer way to go. And because I couldn’t help myself, here’s a little sneak-peak of the homepage (just don’t tell on me ;)):


Expect to hear a lot more from us as we reshape radio on the web. It’s going to be a fun ride, and if you haven’t yet, definitely sign up for the beta.