I eat food. I listen to music. I sleep. Sometimes. I drink lots of coffee. I make pretty pictures. I talk to people. I believe in things. I write stuff. I take photographs. I have a laughing addiction. I am human.

Who am I and what do I do?

I first started working on the web about 9 years ago—and in internet time, that’s quite a stretch. Let’s just say that GeoCities was still popular and leave it at that.

The web has become so much more since then. Nowadays it’s a marketplace, a public forum, an entertainment platform, a news channel, an instigator, a education source, a communication medium, and so much more. It’s become the way that people can connect in ways never before imaginable. I aim to push that along while simultaneously helping others use this amazing thing called the Internet to further along their business, their message, and their voice.

In short, I’m all about helping people put their best foot forward on the web. Why not drop me a line? I’m really not all that scary.

Who do I work for?

Since May of 2009 I have been working as Co-founder and Creative Director of DuroCast LLC, an awesome little startup that’s ready to change online radio for good.

I also work with a wide variety of clients ranging from non-profits to businesses to other design agencies, and I’d love to add your project to the list.

Why do I blog?

I often use this blog as a testing zone for new techniques and ideas, especially when it comes to WordPress and Social Media integration. I sometimes write about or even give away the results of these experiments both here on my blog and elsewhere.

Want to keep tabs on what I’m doing? Why not subscribe to the RSS feed. It’s good for you.

What do I do, exactly?

Well, lots of stuff:

  • Design
  • JavaScript
  • WordPress
  • Copywriting
  • Consulting

Never heard of me?

My work has been featured all over the internet, and just to name a few places:

I’ve also written for other sites such as YoungTechStars and Design Studio Mag, and I’ve been interviewed at Fadtastic.