Hey there. My name's Elliot, and at one point I blogged here. Then I co-founded Vadio and got way too busy. But you can still access the blog if you would like. I have an outdated portfolio. Sometimes I tweet. I have a LinkedIn. I started a lot of things. I'm OCD when it comes to perfecting user experiences.



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My (soon to be) Reboot

Saturday (15/4/06), 6:43 pm. 10 comments.

I just wanted to say that my reboot has been done for a couple days now, and it is SO tempting to just lanch it early. I even have a couple nice posts lined up to kick off version 2…But I shall resist.

Overcoming Procrastination

Saturday (15/4/06), 5:18 pm. 4 comments.

Overcoming Procrastination–How ironic is it that I’m procrastinating as I write this, and I was as I read this article? I’ve decided to try this, and I shall dedicate the next 45 minutes to the object of procrastination. My reward? um…I’ll take a dinner break. As soon as I stop working, I shall post a comment to this entry and you can see whether I stopped right when the 45 minutes was up, or if I kept going. I start in 5…4…3…2…

Sweetie Icon Set

Saturday (15/4/06), 5:04 pm. No comments.

Sweetie–Another great free icon set.

Move and copy elements within a document

Wednesday (12/4/06), 10:26 pm. 23 comments.

I just finished my first JavaScript object, and I’m pretty pleased with myself. What this does is make things much easier to move or copy an element from one section of your document to another. See the demo to try it out.

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New Loves

Tuesday (11/4/06), 7:53 pm. 12 comments.

As I’ve been designing and developing my reboot, I’ve fallen in love with a few new things. Allow me to introduce them to you:

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The Development Abstraction Layer

Tuesday (11/4/06), 12:09 pm. No comments.

The Development Abstraction Layer–I wonder what Inman would have to say about this.

Standards in a Nutshell

Monday (10/4/06), 5:27 pm. No comments.

Standards in a Nutshell–Beautiful image representation of standards.

This may help your Firefox memory leak

Monday (10/4/06), 9:55 am. No comments.

This May Help Your Firefox Memory Leak–Now this looks like it might be promising. I often find myself restarting FireFox several times a day to keep it from sucking so much of my memory.

IE and list-style

Sunday (9/4/06), 7:00 pm. 1 comment.

Note to self: IE does not let list-style override list-style-image. If one wants to override a list-style-image in IE as well as make sure a default list-style isn’t displayed, both of these must be specified.

Design Education

Sunday (9/4/06), 5:22 pm. No comments.

Thousands of Design Resources–So many resources here it’s almost unbelievable.

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