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9 CSS3 Properties You Can Use Now

Monday (27/7/09), 12:25 pm. 53 comments.

If you’ve looked at any of the stuff to be included in CSS3, you were no doubt bouncing off the walls in excitement until you remembered how long it tends to take some browsers to support that kind of stuff.

But some good news: Quite a bit of this CSS3 awesomeness can be used right now to spice up your designs. Some (most) of it will not render in all browsers equally (generally those of the IE variety), but websites don’t need to look the same in every browser–nor should they. Just because IE6 users can’t see some fancy effect doesn’t mean everybody shouldn’t. Similar to how those watching TV on a standard television will not be able to see HD, users on older browsers need not get the same experience as those on newer browsers as long as they see nothing wrong with the site.

But enough ranting and onto the good part. CSS3 properties you can use now and how to use them:

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The Shadow World: CSS3 Text-Shadow and Reality

Sunday (5/4/09), 8:07 pm. 12 comments.

The CSS text-shadow property is now supported by Safari 3+, Opera 9.5+, and FireFox 3.1 (currently in beta). So when is the time to start using it?


Certainly not everybody will see it, but better to have some people experience it than nobody at all. That is, if you think before you type and don’t abuse it. When used correctly, text-shadows can be a great addition to a design. If you aren’t careful, though, it’s quite possible for them to end up as bad as the next blink tag.

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