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Real SEO

Friday (16/6/06), 12:10 pm. 3 comments.

We all know that Google’s constantly changing around their search algorithm, and we all want to know what it is. Now I don’t know the numbers used, but I can tell you what they’re doing: Getting good, quality content where it belongs.

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So after much consideration…

Tuesday (30/5/06), 5:24 pm. 27 comments.

A few months ago I started a thread over at SitePoint asking opinions on what majors people felt were the most helpful in graphic design and web development careers. I got well over one hundred responses with suggestions ranging from general arts to business to skipping college all together. I heavily thought upon all of this and after much consideration have decided to go with none of these suggestions.

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Why Web 2.0 isn’t really all that innovative

Wednesday (17/5/06), 1:28 pm. 35 comments.

Web 2.0 is often mistaken as a technology thing, but it’s really more of a people thing. Some also think of Web 2.0 as innovative and exclusive to the web–but really, it’s not. In fact, the greatest driving force of Web 2.0–the social experience–has been around for a very, very long time. The only thing new is that web developers have finally found a way to put it on the web.

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YUI Grids CSS framework considered harmful.

Wednesday (10/5/06), 3:38 pm. 287 comments.

Note: Please realize that this post was written in 2006, and a lot has changed since then–including YUI Grids. I am not too familiar with how the framework works now, but I am told it’s much better than it was when I wrote this article. Also note that I am not against all CSS frameworks and am even known to use them occasionally myself.

So yesterday I published a post defending frameworks, saying that if they helped you out: use them. Well that was before Dustin mentioned that Yahoo’s created a CSS Framework. I checked it out…and after having done so, I now take back some of what I said yesterday.

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My $.02 on frameworks

Tuesday (9/5/06), 3:10 pm. 3 comments.

There’s been a lot of commotion lately over the subject of frameworks. You’ve most likely already read them (but there’s the links just incase), and I figured I might as well add my two cents to the mess.

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Allow me to introduce you to my new little app, Postable

Friday (24/3/06), 8:31 pm. 247 comments.

I absolutely hate having to switch all the “< " and ">” signs in my code to “&lt;” and “&gt;”, respectively. I also hate having to write “&amp;” anytime I want to include an ampersand. This makes including code snippets on my blog and whatnot extremely annoying, and today I finally got fed up.

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Why I switched to Dreamhost

Monday (13/3/06), 2:51 pm. 11 comments.

As I mentioned a few days ago, I switched hosts. I told you I’d give you some more information on that, so here goes.

Like the title suggests and like so many other people are doing, I switched to Dreamhost, and it’s hard to believe everybody isn’t switching.

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I got seriously annoyed at some spammers.

Wednesday (22/2/06), 9:50 pm. 11 comments.

You may have noticed this past week that there’s been a slight change in the way discussions work on here. If you have never had a comment approved on here before, then I will have to moderate it. If I’ve approved a comment of yours in the past, then it’ll go through automatically. So basically, not much is changing for any regulars. But for you spammers…back off.

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May 1st I Reboot

Tuesday (21/2/06), 3:38 pm. 4 comments.

Yeah, I jumped the bandwagon and will be launching the new on May 1st with the rest of the CSS Rebooters.

I figure hope this will give me 1) enough time to make sure the design I’ve been working on is perfect before launch, and 2) give me a reason to finish it.

If I’m really focused lucky maybe I’ll even have my new portfolio up in time for the Reboot.

Dealing with Writer’s Block

Saturday (18/2/06), 2:41 pm. 4 comments.

The reason I haven’t been posting as much isn’t because I’m ignoring you guys, it’s because I’ve been having trouble thinking of worthwhile things to write about. I’ve been posting tons of snippits for you guys, so hopefully you’ve been enjoying that. But as for longer posts…I’m out of ideas.

So help me out. What would you like to read about? And how do you find post ideas?

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