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The problem with JavaScript frameworks

Friday (23/6/06), 5:27 pm. 8 comments.

Before I get flamed, let me clarify–I like frameworks. I use frameworks. This site’s JavaScript is run on Prototype and The problem is, JavaScript isn’t just JavaScript anymore.

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Rounded Images using CSS and some optional JavaScript

Wednesday (7/6/06), 12:28 pm. 34 comments.

Regardless of what some people say, there is one area of rounded corners that hasn’t been dealt with much and that is rounding the corners of images. Before, if you wanted to round an image’s corners, you’d have to open it up in photoshop (or whatever image editor you use) and fix it up there. But no more…

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My $.02 on frameworks

Tuesday (9/5/06), 3:10 pm. 3 comments.

There’s been a lot of commotion lately over the subject of frameworks. You’ve most likely already read them (but there’s the links just incase), and I figured I might as well add my two cents to the mess.

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The design process (or rather, “A Behind the Scenes Look at Elliot Swan’s Reboot”)

Sunday (30/4/06), 3:01 pm. 39 comments.

Yep, I’ve launched my reboot. If you’re a regular, go ahead and clear your cache and give this page a good refresh.

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Move and copy elements within a document

Wednesday (12/4/06), 10:26 pm. 23 comments.

I just finished my first JavaScript object, and I’m pretty pleased with myself. What this does is make things much easier to move or copy an element from one section of your document to another. See the demo to try it out.

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New Loves

Tuesday (11/4/06), 7:53 pm. 12 comments.

As I’ve been designing and developing my reboot, I’ve fallen in love with a few new things. Allow me to introduce them to you:

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Allow me to introduce you to my new little app, Postable

Friday (24/3/06), 8:31 pm. 247 comments.

I absolutely hate having to switch all the “< " and ">” signs in my code to “&lt;” and “&gt;”, respectively. I also hate having to write “&amp;” anytime I want to include an ampersand. This makes including code snippets on my blog and whatnot extremely annoying, and today I finally got fed up.

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May 1st I Reboot

Tuesday (21/2/06), 3:38 pm. 4 comments.

Yeah, I jumped the bandwagon and will be launching the new on May 1st with the rest of the CSS Rebooters.

I figure hope this will give me 1) enough time to make sure the design I’ve been working on is perfect before launch, and 2) give me a reason to finish it.

If I’m really focused lucky maybe I’ll even have my new portfolio up in time for the Reboot.

I have a hypothetical situation for you.

Friday (16/12/05), 2:21 pm. 9 comments.

I have a hypothetical situation, and I need some help in determining the outcome. That’s where you come in.

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Alpha Testing Measure Map: A Blogger’s Stats

Tuesday (6/12/05), 7:38 pm. 14 comments.

For the past week or so I’ve been alpha testing a stats program that you’ve likely heard of, Adaptive Path’s Measure Map. So after testing it out a while, I’ve decided to give you all a basic rundown of this thing.

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