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The Redesign: The Design Process

Wednesday (25/3/09), 12:43 pm. 16 comments.

It all started with a Moleskine.

I’m a big fan of brainstorming, so naturally I got to thinking. I wrote down what I wanted to communicate, what elements and pages I needed to have, etc.

Next came the grid. I decided to give a try, first starting off with the 12-column grid. After a couple hours of playing around, I ended up switching over to the 16-column and came up with this first design:

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Photoshop Express: More Than Just an Online Port, Lessons to Learn

Thursday (10/4/08), 12:19 am. 1 comment.

I’ve been noticing an unusually high amount of traffic to the link I posted a little while back to Photoshop Express, so I thought I’d touch a little bit more on it. If you haven’t heard much about it yet, it’s an excellent little app written in Flash and I’d highly recommend giving it a quick whirl through their test drive.

This is probably the most feature-rich online photo editing application out there (at least that I have seen–if any of you have seen better ones, by all means send ’em over to me), yet it’s not just a port of CS3 taking the features easiest to recreate for the web and slapping them on there. Instead, most of the features are specifically geared toward the quick type of editing one would want to do through a web-based application like this while keeping an extraordinary amount of speed and simplicity. This is something, as a web developer, that I find impressive–and so is what I want to actually touch on.
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