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Thoughts & Criticisms on Browsers of Past and Present: Drop IE6?

Thursday (4/9/08), 1:12 pm. 6 comments.

In case you haven’t been paying attention, lately there’s been a lot of talk about abandoning IE6.

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Merry Christmas & Happy Design Ripping

Monday (25/12/06), 8:34 pm. 9 comments.

First off, merry Christmas. :) Secondly…This look familiar? Yeah, I thought so.

Don’t know if the person knows English, so no clue if my comment will do any good…But feel free to let him know that you’re not impressed and if you happen to write whatever language that is in (I can’t tell what it is…), it’d be even more appreciated.

Making a Good Impression with a Potential/New Client, Employer, or Anybody Else For That Matter

Monday (5/9/05), 12:18 pm. 6 comments.

In my freelancing adventures I’ve come across quite a few DOs and quite a few DON’Ts when it comes to communication. I’ve decided to compile them into an article for the benefit of all who may come across it, and I only hope all those tacky emails I receive will start turning into more professional ones.

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My First Offical Post In Which I Tell You About The New Site

Sunday (24/7/05), 2:52 pm. 145 comments.

Well, first off welcome to And second off, I encourage you to bookmark this site (or even subscribe to my RSS feed), and keep on comin’ back. There should (hopefully) be lots of good content.

As my first official post, I’ve decided to give a list of “whys” about the new site and design, including why it doesn’t validate.

Why I used WordPress

To be honest, I picked it because it was easy to install and it looked like a fairly good piece of software. Now that I’ve been using it, I’m pretty impressed. Very nice to theme.

The Colors

Over at MorgueFile I found this awesome photo by Zach Carter of a door with a 3 painted on it, so I had to use it. I put it in my header, and most of the colors came from it as well.

I had used pink on my last blog, and actually put up quite a fight for it. I remember having comments posted on it such as this:


But seriously, I didn’t overdo it at all, just some accents…So anyways, I eventually won that battle, and I just had to keep it in this new design.


Nope. And the basic reason for it can be spelled out in two letters:


But for a more detailed explanation:

Standards and validation were made for a reason, and that reason wasn’t bragging rights. It was to create accessable, cross-browser sites. Most of the standards were well thought out, but Microsoft, of course, didn’t want to follow them and along came IE. Things like transparency can’t be done on IE using standard code (as it can on more newer browsers), but Microsoft does recognize non-standard code to do the same thing. Then why not use it? To follow the book of validation but not the idea just plain doesn’t make sense.

Don’t get me wrong, I put this site through the validator several times. The validator is a good tool, but it is nothing more than exactly that–a tool. It’s not a designer, it’s not a developer, and it doesn’t know what you are trying to achieve.

Follow the rules of validation, and you can have a pretty good site. Follow the ideas of validation, and you’ll have an even better one.

If you want to read more about it, click the button over on the sidebar or read Mike Davidson’s post on it.

Well that’s all for now.