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Real SEO

Friday (16/6/06), 12:10 pm. 3 comments.

We all know that Google’s constantly changing around their search algorithm, and we all want to know what it is. Now I don’t know the numbers used, but I can tell you what they’re doing: Getting good, quality content where it belongs.

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Rounded Images using CSS and some optional JavaScript

Wednesday (7/6/06), 12:28 pm. 34 comments.

Regardless of what some people say, there is one area of rounded corners that hasn’t been dealt with much and that is rounding the corners of images. Before, if you wanted to round an image’s corners, you’d have to open it up in photoshop (or whatever image editor you use) and fix it up there. But no more…

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Conserving class names

Tuesday (23/5/06), 1:16 pm. 9 comments.

Oftentimes I think people use different class names for different style-types, but when time comes to start styling, their CSS gets confusing. So for example, say I have a site with a couple of different sections and have several headers in each. Some of these headers will have a few similarities with each other, yet I’ll still want some in one section to look a little bit different than those in another section.

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YUI Grids CSS framework considered harmful.

Wednesday (10/5/06), 3:38 pm. 287 comments.

Note: Please realize that this post was written in 2006, and a lot has changed since then–including YUI Grids. I am not too familiar with how the framework works now, but I am told it’s much better than it was when I wrote this article. Also note that I am not against all CSS frameworks and am even known to use them occasionally myself.

So yesterday I published a post defending frameworks, saying that if they helped you out: use them. Well that was before Dustin mentioned that Yahoo’s created a CSS Framework. I checked it out…and after having done so, I now take back some of what I said yesterday.

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Playing with WordPress Categories

Friday (5/5/06), 3:09 pm. 36 comments.

An unfortunate downfall of WordPress’s the_category() is that one cannot define what comes before and after each category.

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Curved corners on link hovers

Tuesday (2/5/06), 9:39 am. 6 comments.

There are actually two ways to create curved corners on link hovers, and I’ll be explaining both of these along with their respective advantages and disadvantages.

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Move and copy elements within a document

Wednesday (12/4/06), 10:26 pm. 23 comments.

I just finished my first JavaScript object, and I’m pretty pleased with myself. What this does is make things much easier to move or copy an element from one section of your document to another. See the demo to try it out.

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Position: relative; and Floats

Thursday (6/4/06), 9:26 am. 5 comments.

Last week I came across a problem where I needed to float a container, but I also needed to position something absolutely inside that container. Now I suppose I could’ve done something like this:

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Allow me to introduce you to my new little app, Postable

Friday (24/3/06), 8:31 pm. 247 comments.

I absolutely hate having to switch all the “< " and ">” signs in my code to “&lt;” and “&gt;”, respectively. I also hate having to write “&amp;” anytime I want to include an ampersand. This makes including code snippets on my blog and whatnot extremely annoying, and today I finally got fed up.

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Debugging CSS

Saturday (18/3/06), 1:57 pm. 4 comments.

Oftentimes one of the biggest excuses I hear from people as to why they don’t use CSS for all their presentation is that they have a really hard time getting it to work the way they want cross-browser. It’s a valid complaint–Thanks to Microsoft, it can be difficult to get your CSS to simultaneously work in multiple browsers.

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